The 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater – Some Things You Should Know!

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One of the most popular methods of having hot water on tap is to use a traditional style 50 gallon hot water system, a standard fitment in many homes and one that is favoured by a variety of builders as standard fitment in new homes. With a wide choice of different methods of providing hot water we thought it wise to take a look at some facts regarding these tanks, and provide advice on how to get the best out of a 50 gallon gas water heater.

Why 50 Gallons?
Many households these days use a great deal of water, and when you consider the amount that is used by a typical household 50 gallons does not amount to as much as it sounds. A 50 gallon tank will typically provide plentiful hot water for a household with two or more bathrooms, and as this tends to be the norm these days the configuration is the most popular of all. Being able to heat a 50 gallon tank of water means that there should never be a lack of hot water in the home.

Why Gas?
This is an age old question and one that is determined by the available energy source in the home. In general, heating a 50 gallon water tank with gas will cost half that of heating it using an electric heating source, and will also take half as long. The increased efficiency of gas is something that is very attractive indeed, and the lower costs even more so. Making sure you have a gas heated tank is a sensible course of action.

What about maintenance?
Any modern 50 gallon gas water heater tank will be made of materials that are corrosion resistant and long lived, but there are certain maintenance routines that need to be followed with any such tank. With any equipment that uses gas power there is a need for regular checks to make sure that safety is being observed, while the state of the interior of the tank -particularly in older models – needs to be kept in check. Tanks of standing water naturally succumb to a build up of deposits found naturally in water, and these can have an adverse effect on the efficiency of the system and the quality of the water.

As such a popular and usable item the 50 gallon gas water heater offers excellent performance and impressive efficiency and remains a simple and usable system of having hot water on tap whenever it is needed.